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Our value to you is our years of experience and unique expertise to deliver proven performance.

Omega Consultants

We provide you a distinctive and valuable service for your project...

Leadership, Strategy, and Planning focused at achieving your ministry, business, conference center, or other venue performance goals, with cost effectiveness—resulting in a very high value, and very high reliability. Our services & systems have been honed over the years to “bridge the gap” between you having to deal with novice sales staff at various on-line and retail A/V equipment outlets, on the one hand, and, “letter-of-the-law” engineers and/or consultants costing an arm & a leg, at the other end of the business spectrum. 

A major service goal of Omega Consultants being formed in 1985 has always been to provide our clients across the nation with technical expertise, excellent professional services, high reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


The first step toward high quality sound perception is excellent architectural acoustical performance. Only then can the Sound System function with optimum performance.


Architecture, Acoustics, Sound, Lighting & Video systems within a great church auditorium, or similar performance venue, should integrate, not “disintegrate,” the worship, music concert, drama presentation, and even classroom educational experience. If that integration is not happening for you, a detailed on-site Technical System Analysis will find out why. Think you need one today?


We integrate the design of acoustics, audio, lighting and video systems within the building architecture. This saves time, money, and costly redesign services. Working and consulting with the Architect, we “get it right” the first time…


Modern lighting system designs will produce a very visually “active” environment for worship, education, business presentations, and related programs. Makes you feel like participating, rather than fading out. Too many venues today are visually “passive” and promote an all to easy disconnect from the program. How is your lighting affecting your programs?

Sound Systems

The bible infers something very instructional about audio performance, in the book of John 15:8… Like people, and other things encountered in life, sound systems “produce fruit” when they are used. The fruit produced can be confidence, fulfillment, and even joy, when sound is great and wonderful, or, frustration and disgust, when it is not. What kind of fruit is your sound system producing?


To be competitive nationally, with a lot of our work being out of state, we have had to become extremely efficient, and our technical systems must deliver very high performance, very low maintenance & great long-term reliability. We consistently bring our projects in on time, and on, or under budget.


Vince Lombardi is famous for the saying: “Practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect.” Many churches, and other venues across our nation have retained us to evaluate their technical systems. All to often, the system was OK, but the operators were not trained to know how to develop & deliver optimum performance. So, is your system delivering all it’s capable of?


A great video system can restore the extremely valuable “eye contact” between the back seats and the minister, or presenter, on the platform, stage, or head-table. Today’s leading venues are using video streaming, podcasts, video remote meetings, conferences and webinars. Many church ministries are experiencing magnified church growth using video simulcasts & remote campuses. Are you into it yet?

Conference Center

Conference center production for business, ministry, and government presentations, are currently being challenged to provide remote audience participation, and local casting services. The AV Media System should be tailored to the specific event and include user-friendly controls and provide technical support before and during the event. A well-designed and properly operating system can enhance the impact of presentations and improve audience engagement.

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