Our Service Goals

Our value to you is our years of experience and unique expertise to deliver proven performance.

We provide you a distinctive and valuable service for your project........ Leadership and Strategy ......... focused at achieving your ministry performance goals, with cost effectiveness resulting in a very High Value! Our services & systems have been honed over the years to “bridge the gap” between you having to deal with novice sales staff at various on-line and retail A/V equipment outlets, on the one hand, and, "letter-of-the-law" engineers and/or consultants costing an arm & a leg, at the other end of the business spectrum. 

A major service goal since starting business in 1985 has always been to provide the evangelical church community across our nation with exceedingly high value for our professional services. 

One way that we consistently deliver high service value is by maintaining a small, highly skilled staff of dedicated professionals that operate with a tightly managed overhead expense.  This allows us to be very competitive and remarkably cost effective, even in locations like New York, Chicago,  and Washington D.C. 

Hundreds of church projects completed in over 25 years of service. Thanks for the opportunities and privilege you have trusted Omega with........

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