• Acoustical Acoustical
    Designing acoustical performance to your particular worship & ministry style is critical. The first step toward high quality sound perception is excellent architectural acoustical performance. Only then can the Sound System function with optimum performance.
  • Analysis Analysis
    Architecture, Acoustics, Sound, Lighting & Video systems within a great church auditorium should integrate, not “disintegrate”, the worship experience. If that integration is not happening for you, a detailed on-site Technical System Analysis will find out why. Think you need one today?
  • Architecture Architecture
    We integrate the design of acoustics, audio, lighting and video systems within the building architecture. This saves time & money and costly redesign services. Working with the Architect, We “get it right” the first time!
  • Lighting Lighting
    Modern church lighting system designs will produce a very visually “active” environment for worship. Makes you feel like participating, rather than fading out. Too many worship centers today are visually “passive” and promote an all to easy disconnect from the service. How is your lighting affecting your church services?
  • Sound Systems Sound Systems
    John 15:8….. Sound systems “produce fruit" when they are used. The fruit produced can be confidence when sound is great, or frustration, when not so great. This fruit is experienced by each musician, singer, preacher & even the congregation. What kind of fruit does your sound system produce for you?
  • Management Management
    To be competitive nationally, with most of our work being out of state, we have had to become extremely efficient, and our technical systems must deliver very high performance, very low maintenance & great long term reliability. We consistently bring our projects in on time and on or under budget.
  • Training Training
    Vince Lombardi is famous for the saying: “Practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect”. Many churches across our nation have retained us to evaluate their technical systems. All to often, the system was OK, but the operators were not trained to know how to develop & deliver optimum performance. So, is your system delivering all it’s capable of?
  • Video Video
    A great video system can restore the extremely valuable “eye contact” between the back seats and the minister or worship leader. Today’s leading ministries are using video streaming, podcasts and web-inars. Many ministries are experiencing magnified church growth using video simul-casts & remote campuses. Are you into it yet?


We have the expertise and flexibility to become what your ministry needs us to be.

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Ericsson Associates is a full service firm offering a diversified portfolio of design, consulting, project management, and technical systems on-site analysis services to the Evangelical Church Community, Architects & Church Designers across our nation. We are constantly researching to harness the latest in advanced acoustics, audio, video, & lighting technology within each of our church projects. So, please browse our web site and contact our office if we can be of service to you.......

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What's New....

After 28 years of doing business as "OMEGA CONSULTANTS, INC.", we have made some changes that we are very excited about. To become more efficient, and to offer better service to our clients, we have decided to discontinue the systems integration side of our business. This has required closing down the Omega business completely in favor of starting a new business structure with the new business name. The new ERICSSON ASSOCIATES business model now allows our team to focus exclusively on providing the PROFESSIONAL SERVICES we have always offered & provided with excellence, expertise and now, more efficiency.

“Our only regret is that Omega and their expertise came into our project after it started and not before!”

- John DeLeeuw, Neighborhood Church, Chico, CA

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