Video Systems

Video Systems

You're on vacation and missing church........ You whip out your iPhone and dial in your church service in real time........ AMAZING!!

Video broadcast & production, projection, and image display systems are revolutionizing church ministry communication within the Worship Center, and even across town to another simulcast site. You can even be at the beach and view your church service on your mobile phone or iPad.  Digital television has radically changed the way the industry and the church ministry has approached video, and will soon have even greater impact on how video images are received & displayed, and how we  design video broadcast & production systems, especially within church facilities.

  • Video multi camera broadcast & production systems with lighting optimized for video
  • Large screen and multi-screen video projection systems 
  • Computer / media server programs w/digital control matrix
  • "Visual Worship" systems with "wrap around" scenic display systems
  • Personal video / image display systems on the platform for ministry
  • Video / image display distribution systems throughout facility
  • Digital signage & kiosk systems

“As a Minister of Music, I have appreciated the fact that I have one source for all our technical needs. Omega Consultants stays on the cutting edge of both technology and its application for ministry, yet makes recommendations according to value versus cost. You can be assured that Omega’s recommendations for your ministry will include the most value for particular budget.”

- Dave Dupree, Minister of Music; Shandon Baptist Church; Columbia, SC

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