Tech. System Training
Tech. System Training

Tech. System Training

Always remember what Vince Lombardi, the famous NFL coach said and immortalized: "Practice does not make perfect...... PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect"!!

This applies to church technical ministries as well as NFL football teams.  The more complicated, or sophisticated a ministry program becomes, the more reason for, and benefit from, training & technical rehearsals.

An effective training program will always be comprised of at least 2, distinct and separate parts: ie, objective training to learn signal processing & control and then live rehearsals to apply the knowledge and gain experience. There are basically two types of rehearsals involved with presenting the ministry of the church, ie:

1.      Program Rehearsals

2.      Technical Rehearsals

The program rehearsal is conducted to allow ministers, musicians, and singers the opportunity of learning, practicing, and perfecting the ministry program.  The technical rehearsal cannot be combined with, or conducted during the program rehearsals.  Each rehearsal has separate goals and requires separate paths to get there successfully. The requirements for a productive technical rehearsal differ from the requirements of a program rehearsal.

Research tells us that the best learning experience and environment is one that is conducted with little to no stress.  A novice trainee should be allowed to try stuff and fall flat on his or her face WITHOUT anybody calling negative attention to the mistake.  Does your training program or process do that?  Ours does. It is very difficult to actually learn technical operations while under live performance stress.

How about your operational staff.  Are they the right ones?  Do you have enough of them to rotate through multiple services? We can help, give us a call........

    “Omega has demonstrated high standards of competency and professional ethics in every phase of our project, and we would be pleased to secure their services for any future projects.”

    - Robert Deal, First Baptist Church, Los Altos, CA

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