Sound Systems
Sound Systems

Sound Systems

We purposely design our sound systems to instill confidence, and even joy, when they are used by musicians, singers, choir and preachers & teachers in ministry……..

A minister, musician or vocalist requires faith and confidence...... to project and focus their ministry with high impact & effectiveness……. Confidence should be a very key result of using a well designed and optimal performing sound system. 

Whether we are designing a very high performance, concert style sound system using advanced line array stacks…… integrated to a digital audio workstation (DAW) running a Pro-Tools audio recording system……. further integrated to a broadcast audio for video production system….. OR, designing a simple public address system for a fellowship hall in your church....... we intend for each system to instill confidence in those who operate the system and also for those who use it!!!


Concert Style Line Array Systems

Concert Syle Engineered Array Systems

Worship Ctr Sound Reinforcement Systems

Ancillary Sound Reinforcement Systems

Platform (Stage) Monitoring Systems

Dual Net Personal Monitor Systems

Wireless In-Ear Monitor Systems


Digital Audio Recording Systems

Audio for Video Production Systems

Audio Distribution Systems

Background & Foreground Music Systems

Hearing Assistance Systems

Language Translation Systems

Production Intercom Systems


    “McGehee, Nicholson, Burke Architects heartily recommends Omega Consultants’ services, systems and excellent staff to anyone expecting the highest performing technical systems at a very reasonable cost.”

    - Curtis Doss, McGehee, Nicholson, Burke Architects, Memphis, T

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