Lighting Systems
Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems

Lighting should enhance the spirit of worship!! One critical component of our lighting designs is to ensure a visually “active” environment that promotes participation, not withdrawal, of the worship experience……

At Omega, we have learned to integrate our lighting designs with the worship center architecture, and, in most projects, the large screen image & video display system. When this is done well, the congregation can easily focus their attention at the point of ministry happening on the platform, and not some place else in the room. We ensure that any potential distractions to visual focus are eliminated from the design.

The next layer of lighting design provides the latest technology of automated moving lights, LED effect lighting, lighting projection and high performance digital lighting & dimming control systems. Digital effects lighting and control can also be added to the architectural lighting system to enhance the finish of the space and provide a warm and natural lighting environment for worship.

  • Architectural lighting systems for performance spaces
  • Production (theatrical) & effects lighting systems
  • Dimming and digital control systems & automated lighting
  • Lighting control integration of house, production & effects lighting
  • Theatrical rigging systems

“Since our major installation three years ago, we have continued to go back to Omega for a visual presentation systems, microphone purchases, technical solutions, and are currently working on a non-linear video editing suite. I have always found their pricing to be competitive, and in many cases, better than what I could attain on my own research.”

- Dave Dupree, Minister of Music; Shandon Baptist Church; Columbia, SC

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