The Worship Center Architecture must be specifically designed to support & integrate acoustics, sound, lighting and video programs for optimum technical performance!

Because of our considerable experience in having to actually produce several performance space architectural interior designs,  we instinctively know very probably just what will work and what will not work with the architecture of the worship center..... We can produce, or assist in the production of an architecture that precisely integrates high quality acoustical, audio, lighting & video systems performance for the project. We are also well versed in working with many of our nation's top facility designers' and architects' as a valuable consulting & design resource on their church projects........

Space Planning & Layout Design
Specialty Stage / Backstage Planning
Stage & Set Design w/Theatrical Rigging
Stage & Set Design w/Effects Lighting
Room Shaping to Optimize Technical System
  Visual Sightline Analysis
Optimum Visual Focus on & off Stage
Optimum Acoustical Performance
Optimum Video Screen Viewing
3D Rendered Modeling & “Walkthroughs”

“We are enjoying the excellent acoustical, lighting and video systems at Church on the Rock!”

- Dr. Larry Lea, Church on the Rock, Rockwall, TX

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