Tech. System Analysis
Tech. System Analysis

Tech. System Analysis

Light, sound and the visual field fuse together and integrate the experience of church ministry worship. Any component, of any part of that experience can break down, or wear out, and may require evaluation, repair & replacement to restore ministry impact & effectiveness. On the other hand….

We sometimes get calls to evaluate a set of design drawings & specifications for a new church facility that is under construction, or getting ready for construction. The church leadership is wanting to ascertain if they are at risk for inadequate performance or too much cost.......

Other times we get requests to evaluate existing sound, lighting or video systems performance problems. The church leadership is needing to know if they have a "systems" or equipment type of problem; or, is the inadequate performance being caused by very well intended, but inexperienced volunteers operating the system? We can help sort it out and provide a solution..........

  • On site analysis of Acoustics, Sound, Lighting & Video Systems
  • Evaluate existing or proposed drawings & specifications for risk
  • Analysis & feasibility studies to renovate existing buildings for ministry
  • Evaluation of performance competence from operations to systems design & integration

    “Omega has done a very professional job on their acoustic and technical system designs and have been very responsive to our needs. We highly recommend them to any other church as professionals that will design the system that fits your particular situation and is also affordable.”

    - John Haasis, Christian Fellowship of Columbia, Columbia, MO

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