Acoustical Environment

Stunning Sound System accuracy & sonic quality requires an Acoustical Design that is specifically matched to your church Worship Ministry style………

Maybe you utilize a rhythm band with keyboard(s), guitar, bass & drums supporting multiple tight vocals with hand held mic’s for your worship ministry or one of your church services? But, maybe your room acoustics have been designed to support piano, organ & choir……. For this particular case, even a superb sound system cannot produce the optimum effectiveness & impact of the worship experience that you desire for your ministry. 

Worship & Music Ministry styles vary widely within the Evangelical Church Community across our nation. One size definitely does not fit all! An acoustical and sound system design that works really well for a choir and orchestra style of worship will not work very well at all for a “rock & roll” style of music and worship. The ability for your ministry to “connect” with the worshippers or congregation is really contingent upon getting the sound system & acoustics performance just right. Is it possible to design a system that spans multiple ministry styles?  Yes, if you know how…..

  • First, a Quiet Environment...... HVAC, plumbing systems & environmental noise must be controlled!
  • Next, Acoustical Design Planning....... Each ministry space requires different cost vs performance plans.
  • Finally, Facility Construction or Renovation....... Acoustical finishes require advanced construction techniques & concise, professional management.

“One very unique, but incredibly valuable, capability that is evident from Omega’s work has to do with employing high performance technology, but doing it in a way that church volunteers can access with a minimal learning curve.”

- Curtis Doss, McGehee, Nicholson, Burke Architects, Memphis, T

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