Tech. System Integration
Tech. System Integration

Tech. System Integration

We have the expertise and flexibility to become what your ministry needs us to be. Our experience with design & consulting, along with systems integration of equipment, provide you with many project options.....

We generally rely upon two typical options for the church leadership to consider when the time comes to procure & install the equipment specified from our design work. Over the years, we have developed a lot of flexibility to negotiate the installed equipment contract on behalf of our client’s preferences.

We can provide anything from a traditional professional services design, consulting, & project management package with a competitive bid between a few pre-qualified contractors, to a complete, “turn-key” or systems integration– design/build package including design, consulting,  project management, and equipment provision & installation.

During the last five years in particular, many of our clients have come to favor a “hybrid” negotiated bid process whereby Omega designs the entire system, then provides & installs the higher technology parts of the specified systems, and a local contractor provides & installs the more labor intensive parts of the system.  The local contractor also would be in place to respond quickly to project issues that may come up.  This negotiated bid process has proven to be the most cost effective approach so far, and has provided the highest return of value and systems performance for the church. 

“One very unique, but incredibly valuable, capability that is evident from Omega’s work has to do with employing high performance technology, but doing it in a way that church volunteers can access with a minimal learning curve.”

- Curtis Doss, McGehee, Nicholson, Burke Architects, Memphis, T

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