Christian Community Church
Christian Community Church

Christian Community Church

Christian Community Church, San Jose, California


Project Completed: 

Project Type: Existing Facility Retrofit

Seating Capacity: 800

Primary Contact(s): John Dermer

Minister of Music

Christian Community Church

1523 McLaughlin Ave

San Jose, CA  95112

Church Ph: 408-279-3353


Acoustical Redesign Of Existing Ceiling

Sound Reinforcement System

Audio Recording System

Platform (Stage) Monitoring System

Architectural & Production Lighting

Video Projection System

Production Intercom System



“The system Omega installed is very intuitive and consequently, easily learned. We deal with volunteer operators who have varying levels of computer experience. They usually develop the confidence to run a service by themselves after one of two sessions.”

- Judi Jarmula, Media Services, Calvary Church, Naperville, IL

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